Projects: How I keep myself busy

I believe that the computer cannot and should not take the place of a human being, but should act as a tool. A tool, which can increase the productivity and efficiency of one, by automating tasks, doing them error free, and doing them fast. So doing some labor intensive, repetitive task is a perfect candidate to be done by a computer. Being a programmer by heart, now and then I write small tools and utilities to help me do such tasks. I then share these for the use of everybody. Hope some of these will help you too. Do Let me know if it does or more importantly if you faced any problems using them.

p.s.: If seeing these, you too got an idea to automate some daily computing task, which you want me to attempt, then just drop me a mail. If it's a generic problem enough, I'll love to code it and host it on my site.



Generate a custom schedule for a child's vaccination.
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This tool can find if there are new verions available for any of your installed applications!
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When to transfer?

Not a financial wiz, or short on time but still need to quickly find when to convert/transfer your money to another currency?
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Yahoo Calendar Exporter

With this free tool, you can export our Yahoo calendar to other application and devices such as Google Calendar, iPod etc. The output of this tool is the standard iCal format.

Indiamarket FireFox Plugin

The first ever plugin to display updated BSE Sensex value in your Firefox browser status bar.
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A tool to clean your Microsoft Money/Quicken exported file(.qif).

StopYell 2000

Allow this tool to leash your MP3 files, by renaming them and their tags, so that they look civilized.
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[No longer maintained]

Detonator R.I.P.

nVidia was known to have a flaky uninstaller. This tool clears the left over garbage from your computer, so you can install the fresh drivers. Downloaded more than xxxxx times!
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[No longer maintained]

Unless otherwise stated, all the programs and tools above are Copyright Saurabh Kumar and are not open source