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Now and then I get an urge to write, not Shakespearean literature, but just to share my thoughts for the free benefit of others. If I take time to learn some thing new, I like to share it with the masses, in the hope that they might find it useful too. At the moment I am running two blogs, where everybody is free to comment, suggest and criticize for the benefit of everybody.

On the left, I also share the links of some external websites, which I recently bumped across and enjoyed reading. They may deal with science, technology, computers and related news.

The Technology Blog

I have a computer, I have Internet and hence, I enjoy learning how to best make use of them. Using the computer as an intelligent TV recorder, getting a better web cam video, fixing some common Windows problems etc. are what you can expect in this blog.

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Bon appetite!As of writing I am a bachelor, who till a few years back did not even know how to make rice or boil eggs. Believe it!. So I understand that others like me would also like to enjoy good food too and hence I think I understand the problems one faces while living in a rented place. Lack of time, lack of a range of utensils, maybe not even having an oven. Nevertheless I like to ask my friends and parents for recipes and step by step instructions to cook food. In this blog I share my successful recipes, usually with self taken photographs while I cooked. Bon Appetite!

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