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Now and then I get an urge to write, not Shakespearean literature, but just to share my thoughts for the free benefit of others. If I take time to learn some thing new, I like to share it with the masses, in the hope that they might find it useful too. At the moment I am running two blogs, where everybody is free to comment, suggest and criticize for the benefit of everybody.

On the left, I also share the links of some external websites, which I recently bumped across and enjoyed reading. They may deal with science, technology, computers and related news.

The Guilty Investor

Tips and tricks for those of us who are guilty of still saving money in the checkings account, and not investing as much as we should

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The Technology Blog

I have a computer, I have Internet and hence, I enjoy learning how to best make use of them. Using the computer as an intelligent TV recorder, getting a better web cam video, fixing some common Windows problems etc. are what you can expect in this blog.

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