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Seattle, WA

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At the moment, I am constantly chopping away timber, taking measurements, knocking in nails, putting in cement, brick and mortar in this non-brick and mortar home of mine. In short, this site is under construction and you may find pieces of information incomplete or missing. If you are here looking for something(Yae!), which you did not found(Oops!), then just contact me on my mail.

I am Saurabh, working at Amazon.

I love taking photographs, listening to good music, enjoy cooking on weekends, relish outdoor trips to the mountains or the seas, going out for drives, or just lazing and sleeping on a weekend!

But then, anything to do with gadgets, gizmos and basically computers takes a bit more priority. I am a Computer Science Engineer who loves coding, solving problems and helping people around him. Now and then I write code to create handy tools to save my time and hopefully others. I believe that computer code should save human time, with a simplistic approach.

Check out my technology blog in the 'Blog' section to find a few ways we can make better use of our home computer and internet, or visit my 'Tools' section. You just might find a solution to that labourus task you were working on the last week :)

Oh, I have a resume section on this site too, where I show my skills in technologies such as those of Microsoft's .NET and, Visual Basic apart from JavaScript, HTML, XML etc

With this site, I try to bring my life and my work at a common place for my reference and your information.

So, take off your hat, loosen up, and welcome in.